We offer prolongated terms of guarantee in according to guarantee of deliverd material and according to requirements of investor.

We choose individual access in technological projects and designing works with the view to pricing availability and financial possibilities of investor, with maintance of necessary technical parameters.

Works are provided according to relevant norms and reglements of Czech Republic that set procedures and ways of provided works.

Authorized engineer for expertness assurance works in our company.

All used materials are documented with product certificate, resp. declaration of conformity.

Heat cladding of buildings

  • family and residential houses, industrial buildings (contact systems Stomix, Ćeský Caparol, Terranova, Baumit)
  • ventilating facade
  • across the board sandwich panels

Plasterboard screen and soffits (Knauf, Rigips)

Revitalisation of prefabs

  • replacement of windows and entrance door
  • general reconstruction of balconies and loggias
  • reconstruction of facade by heat cladding

Industrial heat insulation

  • boiler bodies
  • heat exchanger
  • turbines
  • tanks
  • pipeline distribution
  • other technological aggregates(energetics, engineering and chemical industry)

Cool insulation

  • pipeline distribution (food and chemical industry)
  • cold stores, cooling chambers of across the board panels (Techpanel)

Roof racing (asphalt strips, foils)

  • ground water insulation

Sound proofing

Double floor (Strojtex)

Other construction works

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